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StorMan: StorMan Browser Module

Posted by PITAN on 2011-06-09

We are pleased to announce the release of the StorMan Web Module v1.1 

The new web browser module is based on the latest MVC technology and supports web based real time inquiry into the WMS via Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and iOS devices.



StorMan: McPhee Distribution Services - RF Installation

Posted by PITAN on 2011-02-03

Psion Teklogix RF hardware was recently installed at the Chester Hill site to enable RF based activities such as put-away, relocation, replenishment and picking.

Similar RF hardware was installed into the Brisbane warehouse during January 2010.

The RF hardware operates with the StorMan WMS to enhance the existing paper-based control of the warehouse.



FreightMan: Dangerous Goods Documentation

Posted by PITAN on 2010-12-10

Due to an increase in the number of sites dealing with dangerous goods, the FreightMan FMS now has the ability to print detailed DG shipping documentation, including DG Description, DG Class, UN Code, Mass and Volume information.

The information within the DG report is automatically obtained from the sales order data entered into the StorMan WMS.

StorMan: Coles B2B eInvoice

Posted by PITAN on 2010-10-14

The StorMan WMS now has the ability to produce Coles B2B eInvoice documents. Following creation and transmission of the ASN to Coles, WMS will create an eInvoice on behalf of the trading partner.

StorMan: StorMan v4.1.1 Released

Posted by PITAN on 2010-02-24

The latest version of the StorMan WMS v4.1.1 was released February 2010.

A new RF Activity and Time Tracking module was the primary enhancement. 

StorMan: McPhee Distribution Services - SAP Interface Projects

Posted by PITAN on 2009-12-05

Throughout calendar year 2009 McPhee Distribution Services have switched on a number of interfaces between the StorMan WMS and 3PL clients utilising SAP. Enabling EDI between the StorMan WMS and SAP R/3 improves efficiency within the warehouse and provides real time visibility of changes in stock levels and disposition within SAP.

StorMan: StorMan v4.0.0 Released

Posted by PITAN on 2008-07-30

StorMan v4.0.0 was released July 2008.

Significant development was undertaken to support integration with SAP R/3 systems.



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